Fine Art Friday

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Shopping Frenzy
Diana Ong

In honor of the start of the shopping season, here is a piece of art about SHOPPING! I'm not shopping today, but I hope to be largely finished with my Christmas shopping before the first Sunday of Advent. I try to do that every year so that there is one less thing distracting me from paying attention to Advent. I'll let you know how it goes......


I love your philosophy to get shopping done before the first Sunday in Advent. I don't think I've ever heard it articulated like that before.



am I not allowed to do this? I feel like fine art posts require fine art replies. It's a conversation, I think.


Cool! I like it! And I like the idea of a "Fine Art reply".

I don't think our comments boxes allow actual links, because of the spam problem, but I got to the art just fine by copying and pasting.

Thanks for commenting, and keep coming back!

Blessings to you



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