MamaT's entries to the Wednesday Shoe Shopping Extravaganza

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First, let's look at the relatively (relatively, I said!) inexpensive BCBGirls Mony, which is only $99.95:


Then, we move on to another D'Orsay style pump, called the Porfavor, in luscious etched ruby velvet, by Stuart Weitzman--yes, I know I'm dreaming, but shut up!--that sells at Zappos for $243.95:


And finally, in the "another life not currently my own" category, the beautiful Trilogy peep-toe pump by Cynthia Rowley in leopard suede, for a mere $219.95. Yummy!



mamaT, i'd about pay the $220 to see you sporting those sexy leopard suede pumps into Mass one sunday!

and i'd certainly be willing to own a pair of the quasi-hootchy "porfavor" peekaboo pumps. ¡sí! ¡sí!

I'm not much of a shoe girl, but those peep-toe pumps are gorgeous. (Doubt if I could walk in them...but I'd look fabulous sitting down! :) )

PS - Did you see "Marie Antoinette?" I wouldn't say it's a great movie, but the shoes and dresses make it worthwhile.

Ach! Here we go with shoes again. Do we need to plan an intervention?

Although, I have to say, Amalia would go absolutely nuts over those jaguar spotted ones. I would never let her wear heels that high (but I won't get on my "do you know what that does to the tendons connected to the gastrocnemius muscle" high horse right now).



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