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Part of the joy of a four year old is the comic relief. Trying out new vocabulary; they think they know what it means, but really don't.

A few classic examples from Casa S over the past couple of weeks:

We were at the doctor's office, taking my mom for her final appointment (hallelujah brothers and sisters!) with her hip surgeon. We had to wait for more than an hour, and the McKid was pretty good, though she was hamming it up for the entertainment of the waiting room crowd. When we got back to the examination room, she told my mom that she would be the doctor and Mom was the patient. Mostly this was so she could sit on the rolly stool, but whatever.

"Mam-mom! You are sick! You will have to have FOUR shots!"

My mother plays along: "Oh, no doctor! What on EARTH do I have that would make me need FOUR shots?"

McKid takes a deep breath, and a very dramatic pause. "Well, you have............INGREDIENTS!"

We burst out laughing. "Oh no! Not ingredients! Anything but THAT!"

McKid and I have an unvarying "get ready for preschool routine" every morning. After Handy Manny is over on the Disney channel, it is time to brush teeth and comb hair. McKid's good about it, though she hates her new toothpaste.

"Mama! You know what? You have to brush your teeth every day and go to the dentist sometimes or you know what happens?

"No. What happens?"

"You get cabbages in your teeth!"

Hand me the toothpaste. I don't want cabbages in my teeth.

Finally, yesterday McKid, the Zman and I were watching some video on YouTube. McKid had wanted to watch the Hampsterdance video again (darn you, singing hamsters!) but I had already told her no.

When the video was over, she said, "Now can I watch the hamster video?"

"No, baby, I already told you that."

"Yeah, but that was another reality!"

Hmmmmm. Space-time continuum anyone?


"Yeah, but that was another reality!"

i'm pretty sure mac has a future in politics.



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