Smiling and waving!

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Hi all!

Nope, not dead yet!

Office is cleaner than it has been in YEARS, though it still needs dusting and a reorganization of the closet.

Reports to the Diocese for our parish are actually CAUGHT UP THROUGH OCTOBER, and I cannot remember a time when I was as caught up with church work as I am at this minute.

Work has given me a time to muse over some ideas--nothing like sorting through piles of paper to give you time to think about stuff.

I've finished two books, one an absolute waste of time and the other might be the best book I've read this year so far. Updates on both coming soon to this space.

I had a doctor's appointment this morning, and while nothing is terribly bad, it still wasn't as good as it might be. Just effects of growing older, I suppose.

However, tomorrow I take my dear mama in for her annual checkup with her oncologist. We have no reason to suspect that things are anything but good, but she won't be sleeping much tonight. If you have a spare prayer or two, could you throw them our way?

So, it may be tomorrow evening before I post much substantive, though I will go ahead and post the Sunday hymns, though it's a few days late.

I'll be back on track by tomorrow night, or Thursday morning at the latest. (If there's anybody still reading us!)

Blessings to you all!


Oh yes, I'm still reading. I'll light an extra candle at Liturgy for you and your mama tomorrow.




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