A quick note on The Amazing Race

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Did you know that the next edition of The Amazing Race is going to be an All-Stars Edition? And that rumor has it the much loved/much despised "Rob and Ambah" will be back to play again? Filming now. Released sometime in the first quarter of 2007!


No kidding? I was wondering if they'd fall prey to that ... if it is going to be Amazing Race All Stars does that mean we get to see Chip and Kim and the hippies again? Because that would be too, too wonderful!

I love the idea! Go Rob and Ambah!

So sorry to see the Barbies go.

I think I know who wins. I watched the coming attractions again and again last night! he he

It seems to be Rahb and Ambah, David and Mary from this season, Uchenna and Joyce, and Charla and Mirna (the little person cousin team). No Chip and Kim...they complained about not appearing on their MySpace blog. The Hippies also say they're not in it...



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