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We will be putting up our Christmas tree this Sunday. So I began to browse about for a picture of Christmas tree decorating that would be appropriate to put on the Summas. How amazing that I came across an image so totally true to the Smock and I! (That's me in the burgundy with the green tree. Smock is in silver decorating the white tree.) Decorating gorgeous trees, with gorgeously wrapped presents beneath them, dressed in gorgeous dresses, with gorgeously coiffed hair. Why, it's like a page out of our very own scrapbooks, isn't it, Smock?

Or not.

I shall have to sweep up the drifts of white dog hair before we can put up the tree. Though I suppose I could leave them and pretend they're snow. And I'll have on my standard issue jeans and sneakers. And my hair? Well, let's just not go there.


But in my other life, it'd look just like the picture. And, just to irritate Erik, I'll even show you the shoes I would be wearing...



well, as a matter of fact, that does well resemble the ensemble i'll be wearing this year as we trim the tree.

as for the shoes . . . drool-drool. i know someone who would certainly get tangled up in the tinsel if she was donning those spicy stilettos.

All I know is that those shoes would look ridiculous on me. They would clash with the color of my beard, for one thing. Also, too many years of cycling already have my calves in permaflex mode.

They don't look very comfortable...
(or safe, if you're uncoordinated as I am... :) )



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