Just a little something....


.....from our parish newsletter:

The new young priest, preaching his first sermon in the parish to which he had just been assigned, told of how Jesus had fed the crowd with five thousand loaves and two thousand fishes.

"Even I could do that," shouted Mrs. Rafferty from the congregation. Unmindful of his statistical lapse the young priest ignored the interruption and ploughed on. Later, the kindly old pastor mentioned gently how he had got his figures wrong.

The next Sunday the young man put it right, and pointed out that it should have been five thousand fed on five loaves and two fishes. Mrs. Rafferty was still around: "Even I could do that," she repeated.

On surer ground this time the priest said: "Really, Mrs. Rafferty, and how?"

Quick as a flash came the reply: "With what you left over from last week, that's how."



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