Last night was driving around and looking at

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Christmas Lights!

We went to the suburb next to ours where they have a drive through park filled with lights and displays of all kinds. There's a fee per car to get in, but after that everything is free (well, except for the food and souveneirs, and we only bought one $1 glow necklace, so that was OK). We had a good time. McKid was thrilled with the lights. She was even MORE thrilled with the carousel and the spinning bear rides. She got to ride those twice each, and is still talking about them this morning.

Then we drove through several decorated neighborhoods, eating our packed picnic suppers. We had Christmas music on the radio, and we sang along. Then McKid decided that she would lead the Christmas carols, so we proceeded to sing Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer eight times in a row. (PapaC and I had decided to follow her lead on it and let her sing it however many times she wanted--just to see how many it would be. More than you want to sing, take my word for it.) We finally had to quit when my voice started to give out.

All in all, a very fun and "get you in the Christmas spirit" night. Something we need a little more of around here, where I often seem to degenerate into the "Christmas is a lot of work" mentality, and forget to do the little things that make it fun!


We did the same last night, for JJ's birthday. We only went through Interlochen though. It was fun, but we left the baby with granny ;)



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