Should I be worried?

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Last year, the saint that picked me, via Moneybags over at A Catholic Life, was St. Augustine. It was good to feel like I had a speciall intercessor for the year, and there were times when I "burned up the prayer lines" to him over all the things that happened in 2006.

So, when the chance to participate in the same exercise for 2007 came along, I jumped at the chance. This year's saint?

St. Sebastian

A martyr? I'll need a martyr for 2007? One that, at least in legend, was pierced with arrows, healed by St. Irene, and then clubbed to death?

Better start early: Dear St. Sebastian, pray for me, a sinner.


Well you got a person. I got an object, I think. I got "The Chair of St. Peter".



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