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Soon to come in this space, a review of the last few books of the year that I've read, a roundup of ALL the books on the finished list, along with the Annual MamaT awards for said books.

But I've still got company in from out of town.

I have to make sure Zman gets his laundry done, because.......

MY BABY (all 20 1/2 years of him, ok, so not much of an acutal baby, but he is still my baby, you know) IS LEAVING TOWN FOR TWO WEEKS TO GO TO VIRGINIA!


And I get to try to figure out something that is completely imponderable to me:

How do you cook for two people?

If you know, let me know.


How do you cook for two people?

1. Fry steaks, deglaze with red wine or port, mount with softened butter. Easy to do for two.

2. Same as above, but use pork chops, do not deglaze, serve with chopped herbs instead of sauce.

3. Hola! Taqueria!

Cook the same way you would for 4 and have leftovers for lunch and snacks.



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