Fine Art Friday--Belated Valentine Edition

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Well, I was going to post my Fine Art Friday entry for this week on Valentine's Day--but I was otherwise occupied (see entries below). Never one to miss an opportunity to look at art, I'm just going to do it late.

I searched on with the search term "valentine" and here are some of the things that came up:

I don't exactly understand why this first one came up, other than the color. But I am a fool for Matisse, so I'm going to put it first in the show:

Spacious Red Interior
Henri Matisse

Much to my sorrow, I do not have a red room in my house. I have flirted with painting my kitchen/dining room red, but I am still enjoying the apple green it is painted now. One day, maybe......

Then we'll move on to something in the abstract vein:

Abstract Heart II
Alfred Gockel

Is is just me, or can you see a crucifix in this one?

Next up is something still more abstract--at least with regards to the theme. I don't really see this as a valentine, but I love the colors (though they're much more muted than I am usually drawn to) and I find the structure pleasing and calming. Maybe that's it! I could use a little calm! At any rate, I wish someone I knew were an artist so he could paint me something lovely like this for Valentine's. Wouldn't that be tres romantic?

Thinking of You II
Ronald Sweeney

I'm still not convinced that Warhol was an actual "artist". Maybe I think he's a "graphic artist", but I'm trying to work out in my mind exactly what the difference would be. I must admit that I tend to be dismissive of him, yet in almost every Fine Art Friday entry lately I have found an image of his work that I really like. So, here's another one for today, one that I think the Smock needs to own, frame and hang in her office!

Andy Warhol

Next, a little something from Picasso. Back in the day, I had a smock with a patch with a take off on this piece of art, with the logo "War is not good for children and other living things" going all around it. Ahem. I suppose that says something about my age, huh? I still like the picture--we'll leave the political discussion until later:

Evening Flowers
Pablo Picasso

Here is another of those artists that I am not sure of. When I see his work I think "cute" and they make me smile, but I don't know that they are anything lasting. But I think this one definitely belongs in the Valentine's Day lineup:

Keith Haring

Here's an image that I would definitely hang in the Zbaby's room, if he were still a Zbaby and not about to turn 21! Plus, I like hugs on Valentine's!


Almost, but not quite last, here is a painting so reminiscent of PapaC and me, that it just had to be a part of Fine Art Friday:

Be My Valentine
Anton Arkhipov

And last, but not least, is the bonus fun image for today's Fine Art Friday. As I've said before, I'm a fool for advertising art. And the Smock and I are femme fatales at heart. So here's something from Coca Cola advertising with a Valentine's theme:


I don't think she just wants a Coke, do you?

Anyway, happy belated Valentine's Day! Smooch your sweetie and count your blessings. I am.


i totally dig our red dining room. i think when it's finished it will be the sexiest room in the smockmaison. femme fatales? gotta love it.



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