Fine Art Friday - the color edition

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Okay, last week was so fun, looking at things with one subject, that I decided to do a riff on that, by looking at things that had a certain color in either the title or in the work itself. And what, you are thinking to yourself, could that color possibly be? Aaaaah, you guessed it!


Let's cruise through some pink things!

First, here's a beautiful thing:

Water Lily Pond--Pink Harmony
Claude Monet

Beautiful, but maybe not enough pink! Let's look at this one:

Pink Orchard, 1888
Vincent Van Gogh

I like that one, and it doesn't really remind me of other Van Goghs much. It was a surprise to me. On to another artist:

Two Pink Shells
Georgia O'Keeffe

I had not seen these before--I'm more familiar with her southwestern and flower paintings. I would not have guessed they were by her. Moving on, we get to:

Pink Nude
Henri Matisse

Well, she certainly is, isn't she? Here's something I like very much, though:

Still Life in PInk
Jae Dougall

But dearer still to my heart:

Pink Flamingo
John Audubon

I have a book with exactly that picture on its cover, sitting on the shelves of my flamingo shrine here in my office! Pink is exciting, so let's go on to:

Daisy (Crimson and Pink)
Andy Warhol

But if you like your Warhol a little odder, you might like this one:

Beethoven, Pink Book
Andy Warhol

PInk is also tres romantic, as the Smock would say, so here's a romantic pink picture:

Lady in Pink
Childe Hassam

Well, I would say it looks just like me, except for it doesn't. On to the most Summa pink art I found in all my search:

Pink Carnation Floral Stiletto
Elena Feliciano

That artist actually has a whole series of pink floral stiletto prints. They are all us! Pink can also just be silly, though:

Pink Pastures
Mary Anne Nagy

I'm the one on the left. Pink is also bold and dramatic:

Pink Hibiscus
Sofia Dentiste

And if you are a certain age (ahem, like moi), you might think that pink is rockin':


Do you think that's why we homeschooled? "Teachers, leave those kids alone!" Nah, me either. But finally, the Summa Mamas love pink because we know, above all else, that pink is simply the epitome of cool:


Happy (Pink!) Friday, ya'll!


Thanks, Mama T, you've definitely brightened my day!

We are all colors of the rainbow. Love reading your comments on the artists, found my pink stiletto here to my pleasant surprise! Thank you for being you, Elena Feliciano



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