Fine Art Friday - The Birthday Edition

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Another entry for Fine Art Friday. My, time flies, doesn't it?

I've decided to do another couple of "special editions", before I go back to just regular old Fine Art Friday. I don't want to bore you with too much art every Friday. But it's been so fun to look at lots of different things based on one idea.

Today's idea? BIRTHDAY!. Why? Because Monday is my birthday, that's why!

There's an awful lot of very sentimental art out there about birthdays. Now, me? I like it. I love the women artists who painted too pretty to be real babies and too cute to be actual scenes. I know they're not everyone's cup of tea. I've spotlighted Margaret Tarrant on the blog before. She's maybe the least sentimental, but I think of her as a "woman's artist." And I don't think that's a knock. I think it means that she paints things that resonate more strongly with women than with men.

Anyway, that's a long way 'round saying that there may be less to like for folks like Eric, and more to like for folks like me, in this week's edition.

A Birthday Picnic
Arthur Hughes

What? No cake? And not even many smiles? It makes me wonder what else was going on in their lives. It is very restrained, but I like it. Next is one of those "sentimental" pictures I was talking about, but this one wasn't painted by a woman:

Mother's Birthday
Frederick Morgan

Love it, love it, love it. Love the soft washiness of it, the two babies, just everything. Too sweet, but still lovely. Another of the sentimental pictures, and one that we just had to showcase on a Catholic blog:

The Priest's Birthday
V. Chevilliard

Nothing probably ever looked that way, but I wish it had. Maybe I wish it still did! On to something different:

Birthday Feast of Nubien, King of Armenia
from "L'Conte de Meliacin" by Gerardin D'Amiens

I love to look at old art, first because it's beautiful in its own right, but also because it shows us how far things changed in technique, perspective, etc. Here's one I like very much:

Birthday Boquet
Marita McVeigh

These colors are lovely. This, of all the things I'm showing you, is the one that I would love to have on my office wall above my computer. Now for something completely different, if you like your birthday in the abstract:

Happy Birthday
Alfred Gockel

I'm not sure what that says about birthdays, but I still like it. Now on to someone whose work I am drawn to, but that I don't understand one little bit:

Marc Chagall

I suppose this represents how PapaC feels about being married to me after all these years, huh? Floating in air, still? Don't know, you'd have to ask him. The final entry for today is not really art, but I always like to end with something different. One of the things I love is silly and/or retro postcards. So, here's a classic for you:

Alligator Chorus

All singing Happy Birthday to me (on Monday!). Doesn't this make you wonder? What was someone thinking? "Yeah, let's have a bunch of singing alligators! Won't that be GREAT?"

And yeah, it kinda is!

Happy Friday, ya'll!


I really love Chagall's work. If I am remembering correctly, he was Russian, and although he was of the Jewish faith, I see much iconography in his paintings. I love his colors and the stories he tells with his art.

I love the way you do your art features, and it is one of the reasons I look forward to Friday.

I hope your birthday is full of love and joy, and may God grant you many years, in peace, health and happiness!

Thank you, Renee!

Hope Monday is a wonderful day for you!!!
Best wishes for a lovely day of celebration and many blessings in the coming year... :)

PS - The 'gators are charming!

I love the paintings and art works. Beautiful I must say. I especially liked the Priest's birthday picture. Wishing you a very happy birthday in advance. Have a great life and I really like this Fine Art Friday idea.
Check out my blog on birthday e-cards for some beautiful e-greeting cards and other interesting info.

How nice to see my painting "Birthday Bouquet" on your site. Thank you for your nice comments about it. I painted it from a vase of flowers that were sent to me for my birthday!
It is so nice to know that you enjoyed it.
By the way - Happy Birthday!

Marita McVeigh

How nice to see my painting "Birthday Bouquet" on your site. Thank you for your nice comments about it. I painted it from a vase of flowers that were sent to me for my birthday!
It is so nice to know that you enjoyed it.
By the way - Happy Birthday!

Marita McVeigh

Happy, happy birthday to yooouu!

(You are right about the kids in the Hughes painting looking a little grim. I did a little looking on the internet and didn't find too much - I should know more since Pre-Raphaelites were my specialty when I was studying art history. Maybe it was a picnic in a cemetery. If it were a modern painting I would say maybe mother had just decided to put the smack down on refined sugars. Or if it was mother's birthday, maybe she just found the 999th gray hair... :) )

Ms. McVeigh:

Thanks for your comments. I hope I'm not in trouble for putting your beautiful painting on my Fine Art Friday entry!

Blessings to you.


A picnic in a cemetary! I hadn't thought of that.

But it really does look like the lack of sugar to me.


Hello again,

Of course you are not in trouble for putting my painting on your Fine Art section. I truly was surprised and honored at your comments. To think that someone who lives so far away from me and who I don't know selected one of my paintings to talk about. Wow! Feel free to see more of my art on my web site: (I will update it frequently so check it out whenever you want to. Also is selling small poster prints of some of my paintings. You can see a sampling there as well.
Thanks again!

Marita McVeigh

Can I sing a day late.
I was too busy feeling sorry for myself yesterday.

Happy, happy birthday!!!!



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