Fine Art Friday - The Bow WOW! Edition

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I am a dog person. Period. Cats are nice, but I'm allergic to 'em, and even if I weren't, I'd still like dogs better. I like all kinds of dogs. When my mom and I watch the dog shows on television, we keep saying, "Now, there's a nice dog. I'd like to have that one." Well, it's hard, when you'd like to have one of each.

We have three dogs here at CasaS, each one a mutt. Each one with a sad story to tell--that's how they got here. LuckyDog is the white dog hair generator--the one who keeps me in shape sweeping. Maggie is a black and grey schnauzer mix, and the neediest dog on the planet. She also has the saddest eyes. Nyx is a big dog, a mix of who knows what. The vet said, "Lady, that's a nice lookin' dog." I asked, "Yeah, but what is she?" "Dunno. Wild dog, I guess." Well, there you go. Nyx is the lover of McKid, and a true pack animal. If the others are outside and she is on the porch? She stands at the screen and whines for them to come in. Big baby.

Last week, Bill Luse had some great links to dog hero stories. I love 'em. I'm a fool for those stories, and they always make me cry. I just love dogs.

So what better thing to celebrate on this lovely final Friday of February? Let's look at DOGS!

Here's the simplest picture of a dog that I could find. Don't you love it? Could you draw a dog with basically one line?

The Dog
Pablo Picasso

Next we'll move on to a beautiful image. Isn't this restful? I love the color, I love the composition. I love the quiet. This is very reminiscent of my LuckyDog, though she's not so big.

Ides of March
Andrew Wyeth

The next artist painted many, many pictures with dogs in them. I only picked one, but I could do a whole Fine Art Friday on this artist and dogs. If you love dogs, then you know there's nothing cuter than puppies:

Pride of Parenthood
Norman Rockwell

This next image is the doggiest of the pictures--the most traditional. I love all the hunting/sporting dogs, from big to small. We had a pointer when I was growing up, and she was the funniest dog we ever had.

Edward Smythe

There are roughly a billion pictures of children and dogs. This is not the image that I was looking for, but I couldn't find the one I had in mind by this same artist. This is from one of those women painters/illustrators whose work graced the covers of so many magazines and children's books. These pictures have hung on innumerable nursery walls over the years:

The Reward
Bessie Pease Gutman

Next, something completely different, here's a lovely entry into the dog art show. I wish I had a picture of my three dogs that looked something like this one:

Ron Burns

If all the dogs so far have been too literal for your taste, how about this one? I'm surprised that I like it, but I do. Maybe it's because when I try to draw a dog, it looks about like this. But I'm not doing it on purpose. I assume Miro is.

Characters and Birds with a Dog
Joan Miro

Then we have a lovely image that reminds me of Nyx and Maggie together. They often stand like this, with Nyx resting her head on Maggie's back. This would look fabulous hanging in my kitchen.

Purple and Orange Dogs
Daniel Kessler

Next we have maybe the most famous image of a dog ever. I know it turned into an advertising icon, but I just love this painting:

His Master's Voice
Francis Barraud

And now for the bonus image for this Friday. Can you guess what it is?

Are you sure?

I wouldn't really put that picture on here would I?

Am I really that classless?

Oh, you bet I am!


Friend in Need
Cassius Coolidge

Happy Friday, all! Woof, woof!


Love 'em. They're all so adorable I wish I could buy them a round of Fiber Biscuits.

i totally dig the dog by picasso.

You are so funny!

I like the Picasso too :o)

Just adorable. But as much as I love dogs I do wish my grown children would give me grandchildren instead of all the "grandpuppies" I get.
Check out my former "best dog" is my photo picture.

You missed the "Top Dog" of dog art Pop Artist Nathan Janes of Pop ARF-



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