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....are something I look forward to in our parish. We have stations of the cross at 6:30, a meatless potluck supper at 7:00, some sort of a short program (about 30 minutes) at 8:00, followed by benediction at 8:30. It is a good time to sit and visit with church friends over a deviled egg or a bowl of potato soup--a part of what makes a small parish great--the ability to do things like that.

This year's program is a 6 part series on the Catechism--an interview with now Cardinal Schonbern (spelling?) about the process of compiling that massive work, and the contents thereof. This Friday's section was interesting, because I didn't know how it was written. After the selected bishops wrote there parts, and Schonbern put them all together and they were edited (like four times!), a copy was sent out to every bishop in the world asking for response and comments.

They got 25,000 proposed changes! And someone (someones?) had to read them all, delete the repeats, and then put into consideration all the others.

Wow. I'm surprised it ever got done at all!

But what I started to talk about in this post was Stations. Over the years, our priest has collected many versions of readings for the Stations. He uses a different one every week, so you really get something different to think about. This week, the thing that hit me was at the station where Jesus dies on the cross. OK, so that station always hits me in one way or another, but this time the reflection said, "I must remember that Jesus died for me. Not mankind in general. Me in particular."

Now, isn't that the hardest thing to think about? I don't have a problem with thinking that Jesus died for you in particular. But me? That makes me cry. Me? The king of the universe died for me? Me? Me the rotten? Me the selfish? Me the sinner? Me?

Incomprehensible, that.


You? Rotten and selfish? If you say so. But I'm having trouble imagining it.


Thank you, Bill.



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