We're home!

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....With a renewed sense of what is important in life and gratitude in our hearts that it was not another heart attack. Hurray! The down side is that we don't know what actually caused all the pain. Could be something as simple as a viral infection of some sort. But, all is well for the moment, praise be to God.

There is nothing like spending a night alone in your bed at home to make you so, so, so grateful when that beloved other comes home and sleeps next to you. I truly understand, after the past 5-6 years of health issues with my dear PapaC, how the Church can maintain that we are no longer two, but one.

A frightening Valentine's Day, but it's all better now.

And I told PapaC: If next year you've forgotten to send me flowers for Valentine's Day? It's a lot cheaper to just 'fess up. Those deductibles are a killer!

Thank you for all your prayers.


I am glad to hear the news. I'll try to learn from your lesson so I don't have to have one of my own. Blessings!

Glad all is well...will continue to keep the both of you in my prayers...



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