Booking Through Thursday

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Let's see, questions this week are:

1. Short Stories? Or full-length novels?

I prefer the novel, and usually the longer the better. Except those Russian guys. I tried Crime and Punishment yet again last year, only to fail miserably again. I don't think I can read the Russians--I'm temperamentally unsound or something.

But a good book of short stories can be a joy. I personally recommend Tim Gatreaux's collections: Welding With Children and Same Place, Same Things. The boy can write Louisiana. And he gets, to a T, the difference between Louisiana and Texas (which is BIG).

I'd also recommend Jumpara Lahiri's short stories. As the Smock would say: Fab. You. Luss.

2. And, what's your favorite source for short stories? (You know, if you read them.)

Luck. Poking around 1/2 Price Books.


Is Crime and Punishment the only Russian novel you've tried? Because I love Anna Karenina - have read it multiple times - but have never been able to finish C&P. Not sure why that is, but there you go.

(Also, Dostoevsky is a lot more redemptive than Tolstoy; you might try one of his shorter novels.)

I forgot! I have read Anna Karenina! I've read a Russian! Woo Hoo!

And I liked it!

full length novels ... but here lately, it takes months to get through just one; and, i have one true-crime, one devotional, and three novels going right now.

Before you give up on Dostoevsky, please try The Brothers Karamazov. It's slow going in parts, but anytime I read the scenes set at the monastery, I smell incense and hear Byzantine chant. It's gorgeous.



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