Fine Art Friday--The Cinderella Edition

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I decided to do this week's Fine Art Friday on a subject that will simply make Erik K's head pop right off his shoulders. Last time we had any sort of extended discussion on this subject, he threatened an intervention. Wonder what he'll do this time? The subject? Why, SHOES, of course!

First, an image dear to the heart of many a little girl. What other than the real Cinderella shoe?

Glass Slipper
Martin Paul

Next an image from that artist that I can't seem to get away from. How come he has an image of every subject that I happen to pick? Am I channeling him?

Diamond Dust Shoes
Andy Warhol

The Mamas love all things retro and girly. How could we resist this lovely image that is so, so both?

Retro Heels III
Trish Biddle

The following image memorializes both the Mamas' favorite summer shoes. We'd like two pair, please. Oh, and do they come in pink with the fabulous beads?

Purple Flip Flops
Paul Brent

I like this image. I always wanted these shoes when I was in high school, but I didn't want 'em in black, which was the only color they came in, back in the day. And, yeah, I'm old. Now these? I would have taken them in a heart beat!

Converse on Tangerine
Bella Bruce

Now, this next image is the absolute dream of my 6th grade year. We watched Hullabaloo on television and dreamed of being the girls dancing on the big letters in shoes just like these!

Go Go
Darrin Hoover

Now, the Mamas are proudly, and loudly, Texan, and there is nothing more Texan than boots. My husband, ex-Yankee that he is, swore that he would never, ever, ever wear one of those ugly pairs of boots. Well, ha, ha. That didn't last too very long. He's had boots in his closet for a good looooong time now.

Boots I
Kathleen Lack

And, finally, an entry by an artist the Mamas just love. You can find a whole portfolio of her stuff if you go here. I think that they are genius!

Poppy Paisley Stiletto
Elena Feliciano

And, finally, the bonus entry. The one you've been waiting for. The image of the most famous shoes evah!. And remember, only Judy Garland could get away with ankle socks with sparkly pumps.

"There's no place like home. There's no place like home."

Happy Friday, ya'll. Slip on some dancin' shoes and have a great weekend!


These pictures really touch my "sole".

Now that was truly enjoyable, and I only wear Birks.

Oh no. When shoes and art meet, I am out the backdoor. Too many gallery openings spent listening to scenesters chatting about fashion.

There is not enough free lousy wine in the world to make that tolerable.

They would have to serve ice cold gin, and lots of it, to make me endure that scene.



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