Fine Art Friday

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What other subject could we have today besides this one?

Here is perhaps a stereotypical first choice, but I do love my Monet!

Claude Monet

Next, an image I had never seen before. Not that that is particularly hard to do, but part of the delight of Fine Art Friday for me has been seeing so much that is new!

Lake George, Early Moonrise, Spring 1930
Georgia O'Keefe

Next, a very traditional image. I usually only think of generic Christmas cards and cookie tin lids when I think of Currier and Ives. It's nice to see a different season!

Currier and Ives

I like this next image very much. I am so not a gardener of any sort, but I admire those who are! I like the kiddo pulling down the flowery branches--that is what McKid would be doing, if we had any in our yard!

Spring in Town
Grant Wood

This next image is for the Smock, who likes Dali. But I don't know if she'll like this one! I do, and I'm surprised by that.

Days of Spring
Salvador Dali

And finally, what could the Summas end with but this one? Yee haw!

Texas Spring
Robert Wood

Happy Spring, ya'll! Pass me the kleenex and the allergy medicine!



Boy do I miss those Texas bluebonnets. Y'all are making me homesick.

Sadly, we don't have much spring here in Massachusetts yet. Just one or two snowdrops have poked their heads up in the front garden. And they are currently being buried in snow. All I see out the window are sheets of white. This is actually the biggest snow storm we've had so far this year.

But at least I can enjoy a little virtual spring from my friends in Texas. :)

Well, if it's any consolation, the bluebonnets are not out quite yet--they're still in green stage in our church flowerbeds.

Bless your hearts! I knew there was a reason we didn't live in the great white north!

A few years ago, PapaC got an offer to move to Minneapolis/St. Paul. My first question? "Do you have to plug your car in?" "Yes." "Then we're not goin' unless we have to!"

I'll think of you tomorrow when it's 70 degrees outside!

I love them all, except the Dali. Looks like he was going through his Picasso phase. Tell Micki that my Elizabeth loves Dali too.



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