Fine Art Friday

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"It's raining, it's pouring......" OK, so maybe it's not pouring at the moment, but it is dripping and splashing and all wet around here. In Texas, at least around these parts, rain is always something to be welcomed, even if it does make your Friday errands a little sloshier.

So, the theme for today's Fine Art Friday? What else? RAIN!

Rain Dance, "The Red Umbrella"
Debra Hurd


Walking in the Spring Rain
Pihua Hsu


Rain is Coming
Yongsun Huang


Sailing Under the Rain
Yoichi Tanabe


In the Rain
Franz Marc


Spring Rain
Raymond Knaub


Purple Rain
Lili Vanderlaan


Encountering the Rain
Zui Chen

Blessings to you all on this nice, ducky Friday!


I just recently stumbled upon your blog. I enjoy your musings especially your fine art Friday. I'm just down the road a piece in Elgin TX. I'm an artist and will finally be a card carrying
Catholic after Easter vigil this Saturday ( my wife and I are converting from the Episcopal church). Keep up the good work!

Oh, welcome, welcome, welcome, Jim. And another one for your wife as well.

I've been over to see your art. Might I feature it on an upcoming Fine Art Friday??????

Thanks for your warm welcome. I would be very pleased for you to use any of my paintings that you would like. Have a very blessed Easter.



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