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Monday, March 12, is National Napping Day. That's the day after we "spring forward" into Daylight Savings Time, so it's an appropriate day to take a nap, no?

Here at the Mamas, we'll be celebrating with naps all 'round, and we ask you to celebrate with us, if you can.

Days like this shouldn't go unmarked. In the fast-paced world that we operate in, it's high time to take a few minutes away and dream a little.

So mark your calendars for next Monday. And SLEEP!


Can I take my "day" on Sunday? I think Monday might be a hard sell at work. We could go to 7:30am Mass as usual...out to breakfast...and then back to bed.

See you in my dreams... :)

Oooh, count me in. I never overlook an excuse for napping. Now, if only the baby will cooperate... :)

I will happily oblige with the napping holiday.! I am well trained in that department as my mother, the mother of 12, napped everyday! I, too, am a guilt-free napper- I find it makes me a much nicer person! God bless and sweet dreams!

don't forget to tell Zman you've volunteered him to sit the smockclan that afternoon.



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