You know it's one of those days.....

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.....when you find yourself looking at shoes on the Zappos website at 7 in the morning.

I don't know why I'm in such a funk--lots of things going on, but nothing I have much control over. So this morning, I sat down to read the headlines (depressing enough, that) but got up after 5 minutes to wander. Finally sat down at the computer, tried to read something uplifting. Couldn't. Wandered over to Zappos to look at shoes.

Looking at shoes usually brings me right around. I don't know why. As I sit here typing, I am wearing a doggy looking pair of walking shoes--because I will go walking with a friend later this morning. What I mean is that I'm certainly not a shoe fashionista myself. But I look at them and dream....

It says something about my funk that I had to look at 25 pages of shoes (12 to a page) before I found a pair I wanted.

So, if you'd like to contribute to the "get MamaT out of her funk by buying her a fun pair of shoes" fund, here's what you could get:


Ah, well, I'll be better tomorrow! Pray for me, if'n you get a chance!


prayin' ... by the way, LOVE the shoes.

I'll pray for you! I've got something to offer up! And those shoes are kickin'! Great taste you have there Mama T. Remember: no more funk unless it come out of a stereo and you can dance to it!

I'm dancing, KM! Thanks for your prayers.

Ditto, sweet Smock. ILY bunches!



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