If you have a dinosaur lover in your house.....


.....the McKid and MamaT recommend their newest book from the Children's Book of the Month club:


When Dionsaurs Came With Everything
Written by Elise Broach, Illustrated by David Small

Friday is errand day.

My mom goes on boring errands, and I have to go with her.

And this Friday seemed like every other Friday . . . until we got to the bakery. A sign above the doughnuts read: "Buy a Dozen. Get a Dinosaur."

I couldn't believe my eyes. Neither could my mom. "They must mean a toy," she said.

But when I took the box of doughnuts, the lady behind the counter said, "Hold on, little guy. Don't forget your dinosaur."


"MOM!" I yelled. It was a triceratops.

And the silliness goes on from there. It's a picture book, but it has really tickled the McKid's imagination. Worth a look for a Christmas present for a young dinosaur lover.



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