never trust a skinny cook ... and other aphorisms from my youth

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yes, i speak in bumper stickers. smockdaddy is fond of poking fun on the fact that i am a veritible font of "bumper sticker wisdom." i don't know when this started for me, but i think i come by it naturally as both my beloved grandmother and my father were full of catchy little phrases for bigger ideas. some of my more verbose friends may think of these little sayings are akin to "chicken soup" pop psychology, and they may be right. however, sometimes i think that these little tidbits can carry a big message.

some of my grandmother's favorites:
you are your neighbor's bible.
when God starts blessin', the devil starts messin'.
well done is better than well said.

most of my daddy's aren't publishable. but a couple are...
get all you can and can all you get.
don't let the truth get in the way of a good story.
i may not be good lookin', but i'm lookin' good!


The one *I* like best from your grandmother is "Honey, get down off the cross. They need the wood."

Wasn't that your Nonnie?

ahhh ... yes! "we need the wood."



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