Booking Through Thursday

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Would you say that you read about the same amount now as when you were younger? More? Less?

Less, probably, because I have too many other things to do. And I'm pretty mad about it at the moment, because I am within 40 pages of finishing the BEST GEORGETTE HEYER NOVEL SO FAR!

And I'll let you hang to figure out which one, because parish council meeting (bleah!) is awaiting my spectacular presence.......


Devil's Cub???

Hm. That would be Black Sheep, or False Colors, or Bath Tangle? I'm very partial to Sylvester and The Grand Sophy as well.


So far, my favorite. Followed closely by The Unknown Ajax, False Colours and Beauvallet.

Of course, there's also Cotillion.

And Powder and Patch.

And Cousin Kate, which I'm reading now.

And, and, and........



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