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How many of us write notes in our books? Are you a Footprint Leaver or a Preservationist?

I'm a sticky-noter. I cannot bear to read the inanities I thought when I read the book before. So, when I'm in the midst of it I am a copious user of Post-It flags. Then I reread what I flagged. Then I take them off and shelve the book.

Smock is a footprint leaver, though, I think.


What about the "underliner?" I never leave notes in the margins, just underline. But then I come back and wonder why I underlined that to begin with.

I have the hardest time writing in a book. I tend to jot notes down if I really really really want to remember something, a quote or what page something is on or whatever.

Someone who uses the public library around here, and also likes Maud Hart Lovelace's Betsy books, has acquired the praiseworty habit of making note of unfamiliar words as she goes along. I suppose she looks them up afterward. What bugs me is that, instead of writing them on a slip of paper, she circles the words right there on the page, all amongst the text. It's very distracting.

I am a hybrid. I have some books that I mark, and some that I keep in perfect condition. Example - I have one book by de Lubac about Origen. The thing has so many corners turned that I can no longer find anything quickly, and lots of little scribbles in the margins. But you won't find a book by Ratzinger/BXVI with a dog-ear or pencil mark (aside from one daily meditations book that's been used every day for five years and is just wearing out).

I try to write page numbers and things I like on a note card, and then leave the card in the book.



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