Hey, wanna crochet in the dark???

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Now you can! With Crochet Lite from Widget Industries. Available from their website, or from various other yarn and tool suppliers across the internet.

But I must admit that I find the copy on the website regarding this new tool hilarious:

Perfect for edging, blinding, embellishments and more!

Blinding, huh? Now there's something I had never thought of before! Shhhhh. Don't tell the airlines, or I'll never get my hooks on the airplane again!

Oh, and BTW. You can also get knitting needles that light up and scissors that light up! Woo hoo! Soon I won't have to turn on my lights at all!


don't crochet, but find those totally coolio. i'd like one (pink, of course) just for the conversation.

Oooo! Pretty.

I'm afraid my boys would steal them to use as "mini light sabers."

I haven't crocheted in ages, but these are so cool I could become interested again.

Wow, Mamma T you can now work on Mak's new blankie at the theatre! :)

I don't understand the appeal of the light-up knitting needles at all. One of the nicest things about knitting is that you can do large parts of most projects without looking at the work. (This is very handy during long drives after it gets dark.) I mostly make socks these days, and the only times I really need to be able to see them are when I'm turning the heel and decreasing for the toe.



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