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Zman was packing to go on a 4 day photographic journey, and the McKid was sitting on his bed "helping" him get ready, as only a 5 year old can "help". Zman is so good to her, but he is forever making up stuff to tell her, to see if he can get her to believe it. They're chatting away in his room, while I'm here in the office.

All of a sudden, there's an indignant 5 year old voice:

McKid: MOOOOOOOM! Is Zack invisible?

Me: I don't know. Can you still see him?

McKid: Yes!

Me: Then I guess he's not invisible.

McKid: Oh.

Hmmmmm. Go figure.


we were watching a black and white movie once and I told the kids that when I was a kid everything was black and white. Not just TV, everything. They bought it with big eyes till their mom came home. But actually what I come here for is the fine arts. It's Friday you know. Where's my stuff?

i luv z. that was really goood. he should try it on the gabber.

My boy has a good godfather.



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