with all due respect to his holiness . . .

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well, it's about time! papa ratzi will finally be coming to the states next year. and considering the sad state of affairs in this wonderful country o' ours, his timing is none too soon. but hey, what's up with the suit?


That's his overcoat, Smock. If the picture were longer you could see his cassock (soutane?) at the bottom.

The way the pic looks, it does seem that the Holy Father was borrowing John Travolta's suit from Saturday Night Fever.

Sure wish I could see him on his visit. I'm still kicking myself for missing JPII in 1979 (my husband did get to see him...and we weren't even Catholic at the time. He brought me a button - which is proudly displayed on the ribbon board - or whatever you call those decorative card holding things criss-crossed with ribbon - in my bedroom. Along with a paper handle towel from the washroom at the Cardinal's residence. But that's a whole 'nother story...)


sweet ellyn, do tell!



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