be still my smockheart!

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bacon. chocolate. bacon. chocolate. if ever the smock was stranded in the middle of the ocean blue and only had room for one of her beloved, which would she choose? i daresay that just the thought haunts me.

would i save bacon? my lusty, salty, brawny bacon? the aroma that awakens my senses at once, whether it be the juicy meaty strips or the crispy crackly kind that arouses my tastebuds to pavlovian proportions ... bacon! yes! bacon!

but wait! what of my faithful chocolate? the delightful warm inner glow i feel as the savory slivers of amore melt on my tongue, the enduring affection the smooth little nibs of delight arouse within surprises me anew every time ... how could i ever live without it's comfort? o! the agony of a choice. . .

hark! what is this? bacon flavored chocolate? you mean i don't have to choose?


and really, what could ever taste better with bacon? eggs? how passe. lettuce and tomatoes? vile veggies have no business with bacon! ewww, i say, ewww.

alas! bacon flavored chocolate. a smockdream come true. it may be bad for my body, but it is so good for my soul . . .



Recently, my seven year old has fallen in love with bacon. It's a good thing she wasn't looking over my shoulder when I clicked on this. She would have Flipped. Out.



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