Hi All! No, I'm Not Dead!


Sorry it's been so long, but PapaC has been home and we've been busy, as I know you all have. Hope your holidays were wonderful!

I got a new computer from my parents, and it's taking more than a little while to migrate all my stuff over to the new laptop.

Yeah, you heard that right! A laptop. Woo hoo!

It's part of the continuing quest to "de-office" my office. After a lot of thinking about it, it seems silly to me that we take up so much of our space in the house to be something I hate. So, my goal for this year is to make our "office" into a multifunctional craft/work/play space. I want to replace the bulky desk with a sleek table that can hold my painting projects, or sewing projects or whatever, as well as my laptop when I need to do work.

Our house is just too small to have a space simply for a desk and a filing cabinet. I'm rethinking the way I work, and am going to have some space for ME as well.

Wish me luck!



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