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Not so much a biography of the saint, more of a meditation on his life and on the priesthood in general. I always enjoyed Fr. Rutler's column in the back of Crisis, when it was in print form. This is the first extended thing of his I have read. Much to think about.

So much, in fact, that they had to honk at me in car line to make me move forward! Embarrassing, but it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Here's a couple of snippets:

....And that is the first quality of the saints: they are human after all. After all temptation to fly with false gods, after all distraction from a promised destiny, after all moral detours have stopped at dead ends, after all substitutes for belief have carved towering superstitions, after all denial that a human is other than an animal or a quirk of evolution, after all that, the saints still are human. They are humans after all, and they are the only real humans after all that. Catholicism has held the principle through every transitory analysis: normality and sanctity are the same. Saintly normality is conspicuous in the glare of sin.

Makes you think about what we accept as "normal" and "the way things are".

And then this:

The devil has located God and knows who he is, and he wants to keep that a secret from the children of God. The indiscretion of the saints is the way they shout the secret from the rafters of the world. They themselves are the secret.....


I loved that book. I especially enjoy Fr. Rutler's Chestertonian wit.



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