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The more I learn about "ethics" programs and ethics "experts," the more I think ethics has become a pious word for imposing the arbitrary notions of third parties on others, who are forced to pay the price for whatever has caught the fancy of self-congratulatory elites.

----------Thomas Sowell


I have been noticing this for years. It is especially bad in the newspapering business, where one is expected to wring hands over the ethics of who buys lunch, but the journalists are so blinded by ideology that they can barely discern the truth of any given matter, let alone write about it with any sort of hint of objectivity.

In fact, if anyone is looking for a racket, the best thing to do is to find some industry that is run reasonably well, and start some sort of independent high-minded NGO, write up a code of ethics, and then charge money getting poor dupes to take your classes and hire you as a consultant to make sure that they are in conformance with the code.

Would that be moral? Who cares, so long as it is ethical.



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