smockperspective: the number one reason to be glad at the passing of 2007

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even in pink, they're this year's fugliest trend.


Too ugly. I know they are supposed to be comfortable, but they look like yard shoes to me. And I know that I've heard nurses say they are comfortable to work in, but they don't seem like particularly safe, given the holes.

I bought a pair for McKid, but I'll not buy a pair for me.

Not even in pink.

My sneakers look better than those, if I'm going totally casual.

Do you think they are fugly on wee ones, too?

um... at the risk of being bashed, let me just say there is not a pair in the smockmaison for the tallest or the smallest of us.

thank you!!!! i been harboring wild rage for crocs that i thought no one else shared. uber fug.



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