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Found a cute little place that asks a different question every day. I'm off and running, so I can't do a whole Friday Feast, but I can answer ONE question!

Of all the medical tv shows ever, which one is the all-time best?

Now, I'm a lover of House, though I watch almost everything in rerun, because I'm never consistently home. But all-time favorite???

Gotta be St. Elsewhere. And last I checked, it wasn't on DVD. Too bad, that.


I see "St. Elsewhere" on DVD, at least on Amazon (but only season one). I remember that the only thing I didn't like about the show was the ending.


I have a lot of St. Elsewhere on BETA....just waiting to find a new BETA MAX.

I loved Dr. Kildare. Ben Casey. Yeah, even Marcus Welby.
Gideon's Crossing was great but it was one of those shows that seem to suffer from having me as a fan. ;)



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