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see what happens when mamaT goes on a honeymoon? the smock totally drops the blogball and this place is so quiet you could hear a pin drop. anyhoo. . .just so y'all know that the rumors are not true, we are all still alive, if not kickin' -- or typin' as the case may be.

a day late, and a dollar short, and in a nutshell, i bring you the smockversion of watcha readin' wednesday ...

well, like mamaT, i'm always jugglin' several. in the mini-library (read john), it's bright lights, big ass, by my alter ego jen lancaster; in the car, it's seduced by madness -- no, not the sorry, made-for-lifetime ann margret b-movie about dianne borchardt, but seduced by madness: the true story of the susan polk murder case; and by the bed, it's confessions of an ugly stepsister.

what these titles say about me and my personality, i will leave to you to decide. iffin' i don't get back to the blog soon, y'all have a beautiful weekend.


I'm still reading The Secret Garden and Charlotte's Web with JS. I'm really excited he's at a point where I can share my favorites and watch him discover them. Plus the rad flashbacks ;)

I am so looking forward to hearing about MamaT's trip and settling in to post more!

Borrow me the Susan Polk book, Smock?


Now I'm reading Anne of Green Gables.

Did you hear that Lucy Maud Montgomery's granddaughter reacently revealed that Montgomery committed suicide? As I read this first novel about Anne Shirley--a book filled with joy, wonder and warmth--I find it so hard to believe that the woman who wrote it could have been depressed enough to kill herself. She brought happiness to so many, but could not find any for herself. I pray that she has found everything in the arms of God.

Really?! Off to Google...

yikes, that is a shocker! how sad. . .



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