And now the big news in Summa World!

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Ta Da!

We are happy, no, ecstatic, no, well, more than that, but I can't think of another word for it at the moment, to announce that once again there will be THREE, count 'em THREE, Summa Mamas posting on this blog.

Effective immediately, please welcome a special new addition to our lineup: LaMamacita!

LaMamacita is a member of our wonderful parish, and is a whole bunch of things that we are not. She is young. Really, really young, ya'll. (Especially when you compare her to me. I might be old enough to be Smock's babysitter, but I really COULD be LaMamacita's mom!)

She has three beautiful children--all of whom have the illustrious Smock as godmother. Two boys and one girl. She has a cutie husband.

She's also crunchy to my not so crunchy. She cooks vegetarian. She knits. She is another attachment parenting mom (who knew I'd be surrounded by 'em. I'd be too tired.) and a militant breastfeeder.

AND she's got tattoos.

Plus, as the Zman would say, she's pretty.

On top of that she's a faithful daughter of the Church, a lover of Jesus and his mama. She's smart as a whip and funny, too. She's all that, plus more. We love her and we know you will, too.

All around, a very, very cool addition to the Summas.

Welcome aboard LaMamacita! We're glad to have you!


Pretty? The lady is smokin'! We're talking Sarah Palin-hot. And funny, and intelligent, etc.

Glad to hear she's on board.

Woo hoo! Welcome Mamacita!

very crunchy, very sexy, lots o fun. whoo-hoo!

"she's pretty"

Picture, please?

are you kidding? not after all that hype! eep!



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