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discussing abortion with "pro-choice" people. every time i do it just makes me sick, sick, sick inside. i know these people. heck, i even love some of them. and it makes me physically ill, like a blow to my guts, to know that someone i hold in high esteem can be so outrageously mistaken when it comes to a subject as significant as human life. it hurts my heart to know people who can be so callused about it. abortion is ugly to me. truly selfish and hideous. and when the beautiful veneer of my beautiful friends rips back to expose this butt-ugly side of them, it shocks and saddens me. i literally tremble. i know that i hide ugly, too, and it is what hopefully keeps me remotely humble. i wish i didn't have to become so emotionally involved in this issue. does it have to be such an emotional issue? i know really smart people who hold radically different sides in this debate. what is an emo catholic like me supposed to do?


Accept that you can't change anyone's mind through debate and argument. Avoid the topic as you would any other topic which promotes uncivil discourse, and let it go.

Pray, fast, and give alms. Then pray more. And raise your kids.

Recognize that this generation must die and be replaced by a generation that is more sane before anything will change.

But also remember that there will never be a time when abortions won't happen. Because of original sin we're just too afraid. In many cases it's less about selfishness than it is about fear.

Despite the comment count going up by one, it appears that my comment disappeared into the ether of teh Intarwebz.

I'll check back later and, if it did, I'll repost.

i do agree that we need a helluvalot more sane people in this land before anything will change.

I honestly don't ever see it changing. Human attitudes towards contraception and abortion haven't changed significantly in the history of civilization.

Even at the height of Christendom's dominion in Western Europe, both were still widely practiced.

Nothing will change, and I really don't understand why everyone keeps expecting it to.



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