i thought we were in a recession . . .

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so why is it that all the unintelligent and surly people have jobs? i mean, iffin we're in a recession and the economy is in such an all-get-out mess, why aren't all the smart, happy people applying for jobs down ta'the supertarget?

i love me some supertarget. lawd knows i do. but i can guarandamntee you that i don't shop there for the service. answer me this: is it a requirement on the supertarget job application that you (a) must sport either a dramatic neck tattoo(1) or a skin-collar fashioned from hickeys, and that you (b) hold a degree in determined detachment or at least have a g.e.d. in the art of dogged indifference? i mean, is there a disclaimer stating that you can proffer customers nothing more engaging than monosyllabic grunts? because, i swear that every single employee that i have ever encountered behind a register at our supertarget fits this bill.(2)

i'm a pretty chatty cathy. smockdaddy says i'm the sort who never meets a stranger. i'll admit, i am rather proud of my ability to elicit at least a grin or a giggle out of just about anybody breathing. but at supertarget? forget it, mac. the lady who helped me - and i use both the terms lady and helped, ooohhh sooo loosely - with my purchase last week scarcely even acknowledged my presence; rather, she kvetched to the ape leaning against the counter behind her while she mindlessly slid my products across the scanner. and when she was finished? she tossed the fabuloso floor cleaner bottle in the little baggie with my mrs. baird's (oh joy) before robotically tapping one ghetto-fabulous fingernail on the little screen thingy showing the purchase total while she scrutinized the muck under the nails of her other gang-sign-tattooed hand.

mind you, i don't expect to be indulged like a guest at the ritz-carlton. i understand that you get what you pay for, but, puh lease. i'm not asking for a song and dance, sweetie, but is eye contact too much to ask for?

(1) with all due respect to our beautifully branded la mamacita who elevates skin modification to a whole new level. i mean iffin the body art is in latin, it's totally coolmoe and therefore entirely fashiontastic.

(2) the only exception being flo, but she works in the optical mart portion of the store which, if i'm not mistaken, is independent. but, i digress.


I had the same thought this afternoon!

It's such a stark contrast from the Trader Joe's, where they totally chat you up and practically high-five you when you pull out your reusable bags. At Target they still look at me like I have two heads when I pull them out, even though #1, I'm there every stinkin' day, you would think they'd be used to me by now... and #2, I lay everything out on the belt oh so logically, so they don't even have to think while they bag.

I do love me some SuperTarget though. ;)

I do the same, Julie! Everything is placed anally on the belt in order and in little squares of how I want it bagged with the reusable bags on top so I don't have hand them over and hear THE SIGH.

I could spend all day in SuperTarget though.

Gratiae , meus carus Smock ; )

Well, see, this is where I am turning into a crabby old lady.

This exact thing happened to me with two kids working at Tom Thumb (the place I go every single day) one evening.

I was steaming--and I went to the manager the next day and complained long and loud. Well, as loudly as my lady-like self could bring herself to do.

If they talk only to each other, they need to talk to each other AT HOME or on the unemployment line.

The maddest I ever got was at Taco Bueno (yum!), when two kids were talkin' about how they didn't think they oughta work so hard since they only made $7 an hour.

I launched into my spiel about "Honey, you ain't ever gonna make more than $7 an hour, because you'll never prove to anyone you're worth the risk of hiring you at a higher rate."

They looked at me like I had three heads.

But, hey, don't talk in front of me if you don't want me to join in.


When Zman got his first job, at Starbucks, I told him if I ever caught him talking to another employee instead of his customers, I would personally take him to the manager and get him fired.

I think he believed me.



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