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I am thrilled to be a Summa now. I've been reading this blog about 4 years and am shocked, honored and grateful to be a part of it. MamaT and Smock are staples on my short list of very favorite people and are even more caring, intelligent and hilarious than they seem online if you can believe it. To be invited into their pod is blowing my mind.

I'm La Mamacita! I'm in Dallas, and a member of SMV, as MamaT said. I'll be 26 and will have been married to El Papicito 8 years this fall. He's is my highschool sweetheart and completely rad. We were baptized into The Church together Holy Saturday of 2005. We have two brilliant, hilarious and hardcore sons, aged five and two years, and a sublime and beautiful daughter of almost 7 months.

We're starting our first year of homeschooling, we like hiking, swimming, music making and music listening. I love reading, creating, eating, drinking, cooking. I was a vet tech before motherhood. My patroness and bff is Magdalena. I have great interest in social justice and activism in child/baby/birth related causes. I'm dependent on coffee and chocolate.

I can't wait to get settled in here, to get to know and hopefully amuse you!



Welcome, La Mamacita!

Welcome! :-)


This is wonderful! =)

Looking forward to reading your posts! Three's company!



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