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In addition to a weekly dose pretty shoes, book talk and fine art from us Summas, I offer you Music For Your Mondays. A featured song, album or artist of varying genres and, you know, taste.

This week's selection is in honor of Smock, post birthday. She requested it when informed I was assigning her a new ringtone, we preformed our own little cover of it, then confessed neither of us new who it was, but man, is it groovy.

So enjoy Norman Greenbaum crooning Spirit In The Sky (and some far out dancing and effects), which sold 2 million copies in '69 and '70.

Spirit In The Sky - Awesome video clips here

What do you think of this happening song? What are you currently listening to?


mad, bad and totally rad. acourse, the whole "never been a sinner, i never sin" part is a little new-agey for my tastes. those pesky rules do get in the way of total and complete hedonism, don't they? still, i'm totally rockin' to this song.

Ah, yes, but you two can only enjoy it POST happening. I enjoyed it in the original time frame......

Oh, hark back to the days of my long straight blonde hair, parted in the middle, and my smock shirt with the patch that said "War is not good for children and other living things."

Mmm hmm. Hard to imagine, ain't it?

Boy, do I feel old.

you were like an original hippie, mamaT? like, in the 70s? golly, who knew?

so, mamaT was a hippie in the 70s.
i was a hippie in the 80s.
and lamama is a hippie NOW...

so we're the hippiesummamamas!



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