Today's is my mom's birthday

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Yep, today would have been my mother's 76th birthday.

I expected to wake up sad and depressed--I had so wanted to spend another birthday with her.

But a strange (maybe not so strange) thing happened this morning. After the alarm went off, and PapaC got up, I lay there in bed in that funny dozy half-asleep-half-awake state that you get to wallow in for a few minutes when you get to be the last one up.

And I thought about what today was, and an amazing sense of warmth and peace and happiness--yes, happiness--came over me. It was enough to actually make me smile to myself, and smile even now as I'm typing this. A sense that all not only will be well, but that all is well, right here, right now.

Oh, yes, I have sad days to come. Probably more than I can count. But today I KNOW that everything is fine. And that I'm supposed to be happy when there are things to be happy about.

My mama let me know.

Thanks, Mom! I love you, lady!


and what a birthday party she's attending. whoo-hoo!

The Good News comes variously, doesn't it?



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