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Without garlic, I simply would not care to live.

----------------------Louis Diat, French chef (1885-1957)

Though it might be onions at our house, garlic would run a neck and neck race. One time Zman was small and watching me cook. A little voice piped up, "Mama, does everything always start with onions in a pan?"

"Only everything worth cooking in a pan, baby."


ditto, only butter. the real kind. sweet. lightly salted. mmmmMMMmmm...

"Only everything worth cooking in a pan, baby."

Amen to that! And to the butter.

Alas, I used to be the same way about garlic but an unfortunate incident involving a roasted garlic pizza, heat stoke, and the worst migraine in my life has left me unable to eat the stuff for the past decade. Maybe some day I'll be able to cook with garlic again. In the meantime, I've found one can always throw in an extra jalapeno for some kick.



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