Anyone ever tried one of these?

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I was reading my Lion Brand newsletter this morning, and one of the products they were touting was a knitting board. (Note: the picture above is NOT from Lion Brand, it's from McCalls, just so you know.)

I am aces with a crochet hook and yarn, but knitting has always made me throw my needles and yarn down and curse. And normally I do NEITHER of those things!

So, La Mamacita? What say you? Ever tried it? Know anyone who has?

Bueller? Bueller?


I've never tried one, but I'm really interested to hear if anyone has. Seems like it would make flat knitting go by in a jif.

When are you going to teach me to crochet, you Ace, you?!

I will teach you any time you'd like, my dear!

Check out my site,, for information on knitting boards and the great things you can do with them.



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