Okay, so in a million years.....

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......you will never guess what I have been doing today.


This morning, McKid and I went to a small urban (suburban?) farm and picked our own green beans (both flat and round) and cherry tomatoes. We didn't get to pick okra, but we bought some that was prepicked. We also purchaed onions. Organic vegetables for $3 a pound, or less.

I thought it was important for McKid to know that vegetables are actually grown and have dirt on them rather than have her think they come from little piles in the grocery store. And I wanted her to appreciate the work it takes to get food to our plate, at least in a little way.

Ya'll, I am just telling you that the cherry tomatoes we picked today taste absolutely NOTHING like the cherry tomatoes we buy at the grocery. I could be, well, actually have been, eating them straight out of the bowl. If I allowed myself to get a little ranch dressing (and ONLY a little--they are so good plain) I could sit down and eat the entire bowl of them at one sitting. I am trying to restrain myself.

We bought more green beans than it is possible for us to eat in the next week, so I am blanching and freezing 3/4 of them. They just turned the most beautiful shade of green! Woo hoo!

I am woman, hear me roar.

Next week, pick your own pumpkins and the farmer said the big tomatoes would be ready. But I refuse to can. My house is hot enough already.

I may, however, read up on homemade spaghetti sauce and the freezing thereof.

And, of course, figuring out what kind of shoes to wear to pick pumpkins in.

Happy Saturday, ya'll!


sounds dreamy! i'm loving picturing McKid out there 'mato hunting.

my grandmother had cherry tomato plants off her kitchen i used to attack as a kid. they are one of my children's favorite snacks now. i have little squirty seeds in my laundry pile to prove it!

i'm picturing you in a little suede flat amongst pumpkins. smock?

We make spaghetti sauce in a five-gallon pot and freeze it in bags laid flat on a cookie sheet. Thaws enough to put in a pan in no time. Homemade dinner in 20 minutes. Ummmm!
(The bags can be stacked once they're solid.)

smockdaddy and i were just talking about how the art of canning is dead. seriously. we were. stop laughing.



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