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for monday, october 27th.

Outside My Window... is outside my window.

I am thinking... i need sleep. serious sleep.

I am thankful for... my smocklings could have something worse than the stomach virus they are sharing.

From the kitchen... something needs to be cooked for dinner, but what that won't make everyone start another round of rebounding their food?

I am wearing... black pants, black tee, black flip flops. standard smock uniform.

I am creating... not a darn thing.

I am going... to lose my mind iffin the smocklings aren't well soon.

I am reading... medicine bottles to figure out who can have how many to bring down fevers.

I am hoping... everyone has uneventful sleep tonight!

I am hearing... sopi barking from her crate.

Around the house... every single trash can we own is filled with baggies waiting for another round of vomit-spewing.

One of my favorite things... is an illness free home.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: get everyone well again before friday.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...



Oh, Smock, I am so sorry about this. Anything I can do?????

pray fer us, mama, pray fer us. i am preparing for a repeat as three of the wee smocklings still have fevers. heavy sigh.



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