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We have the most awesome neighbor. Eddie is a single, middle aged guy. He lets us use this grill and lawn stuff, puts those giant holiday blow up things in our yard, is super sweet and patient with our children, and is extremely funny. We heart Eddie.

So, this past weekend he came over with a life-sized Santa that sings and dances for the boys. Holy Christmas cheer, Batman! The thing is terrifying, creepy and hilarious. Papicitio and the boys have positioned him lying on the couch with the remote, at the table eating a sandwich, woken me up from a nap by slipping him into bed with me. Santa is always peeking around corners with an almost sinister jolly face and little puppet mouth. He regularly wears a Darth Vader mask and a Robin Hood cloak. Even when he's just standing there alone he makes me jump as I come around the corner.

He must be destroyed.

I've been plotting his impending Freecycling to no avail as the kids aren't sick of him yet- crucial to my plan. We have no closet space to hide him so there he stands, watching, waiting, knowing if we've been naughty or nice and staying mum about it except for a twinkle in his creepy mechanical eye.

Ha! I've got to get pictures.


I'm happy to offer garage storage space to Ol' Saint Nick if you and Papacito want to keep him around for next year. :D

This is so funny I laughed out loud reading it.
I wish you were my neighbor. Can you move to Houston?

as soon as the boys have their fill, i think santa should visit mr. eddie dressed as a cat burglar.

Houston, alas, even even muggier than Dallas. However, I do adore Airedales....

Flambeaux! Gracias. When Santa is on the run from The Fuzz for his cat burglaring ways I'll tell him I know somebody ; )

He can live in our garage with the parish riding lawnmower.



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