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FOR TODAY, November 17, 2008

Outside My Window... Little girls in red sweaters and plaid skirts are shrieking and laughing and running for the school building. Little boys, in an attempt to be more manly, shrug their shoulders up around their necks and shove their hands deep into their pockets on the way to class. The rebel few walk proudly in their shorts and polo shirts, disdaining any compromise with cool weather. I suppose they're "cool" in more ways than one this morning.

I am thinking... that I really miss my mom this morning. She would like this first turn in the weather.

I am thankful for... Lion Brand Homespun yarn. It is yummy to look at, soft to work with. Hard to see stitches at first, but you can't have everything.

From the kitchen... Probably will be chicken and broccoli soup. Or Inside Out Eggroll casserole. Yum!

I am wearing... Blue athletic pants. Pink t-shirt that says "Kiss Me, I'm Catholic", flamingo socks (yes, you read it right!), sneakers. Silver hoop earrings.

I am creating... 10 things that I can't tell you about yet, because 2 of them are gifts for my Summa compatriots. There is a hint above, though.

I am going... to make one more of my ten things today. I'm also going to run out to the craft store for some supplies for another little project i have in mind.

I am reading... Right Ho, Jeeves at the moment. I just finished Wolf at the Table by Augusten Burroughs--that guy who wrote Running with Scissors, Smock.

I am hoping... that I can do my Thanksgiving shopping this week, and miss the crowds of next week. I went to the grocery store on Saturday for the first time in years this past weekend. It was a zoo. I'll stick to my weekday shopping, thank you, and stay out of those people's way who only have weekends to shop.

I am hearing... the refrigerator make a slightly funny noise. So is the ceiling fan. Please don't be sick, appliances. Please.

Around the house... are piles of white dog hair, which have gotten the best of me the past couple of days. They are OUT of here today, though. Hear that, dust bunnies? Your days are numbered. This house isn't big enough for the both of us!

One of my favorite things... is clean sheets. If I were rich, I'd have someone come every day and put on clean sheets. Aaaaaahhhhh. Doesn't that sound nice?

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: A pretty calm week this week. Stay home, mostly. I have book club this week, but we are going up to the church and watching the movie Miss Potter with Smock's girlcrush, Renee Zelwegger. Oh, and I'm making cupcakes for one of our book club members whose birthday it is. Wednesday night I'm watching Top Chef, which is back on. How pitiful is it that I arrange my week around a reality TV show?????

Here is picture thought I am sharing...



Eggroll casserole recipe, porfavor?

Mmmmmmm clean sheets.

Have I ever told you how jealous I am of where you live? The bells, especially, slay me.



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