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FOR TODAY, November 24, 2008

Outside My Window... the church bells are playing one of my favorite hymns, "Wheat That Springeth Green". Ya'll remember--this is one I want at my funeral.

I am thinking... that I wish PapaC could make my computer see the printer via the wireless router. Darn you, Vista! You make everything hard!

I am thankful for... the fact that my cold seems better today. I think that Cold-Eeze zinc stuff seems to help. Hallelujah!

From the kitchen... tonight I have no idea. I'll have to open the freezer and pray for inspiration. Last night the kitchen was closed and I had a salad from Jack in the Box. I highly recommend their southwest grilled chicken salad, btw, if you're not a-cookin'.

I am wearing... Black athletic pants. Black t-shirt with white flowers on it. Groovy little black "Payless but copying Skechers" casual sneaks. No jewelry, because today is about WORK, people. I have TOO MUCH to do.

I am creating... the 10 things I started last week. I am on thing 6, and i think my list is growing beyond 10, as several of the people who have seen them also want one. We'll see. I'd like to finish number 6 today.

I am going... to make three recipes of corn bread today. I promise.

I am reading... American Terrorist, a book about Timothy McVeigh. We went to the Oklahoma City memorial on our vacation this year. It made me wonder what made him tick. Hence, this book.

I am hoping... that I can get my ever growing to do list done this week. Eeeeeeek!

I am hearing... the washing machine running with the first load for today. One of the things I am thankful for, seriously, is my appliances. Talk about a life and time saver for me. I am going to pat the washer and dryer next time I walk out into the garage to change laundry around. And I may kiss my refrigerator on the way.

Around the house... are piles of work to be done. Over there is the laundry. On the table are the bills to be paid and bank statments to be reconciled. In my bedroom are the clothes to fold and put away. On the kitchen counter are the ingredients for cornbread which needs to be made and staled to turn into dressing on Thursday.

One of my favorite things... is popcorn! With butter! But I don't usually eat it with butter, since I'm on Weight Watchers. But if I were picking a last meal, popcorn dripping with butter and salt might be part of it!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Laundry, bill paying, bank statement reconciling, cooking, cooking, cooking, cooking. Giving thanks for my beautiful life--and I have a verybeautiful life. Sometimes I forget that. Not this week.

Here is picture thought I am sharing... Though I would be worried about this turkey pooping in my pumpkin pie. I suppose it's all artistic license and all that (tee hee!):



glad to see you're feeling better. luv u mamaT.



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