One of my favorite things....

| | Comments (1) TV on DVD. Or better yet, on Netflix "watch it now" service. It comes with the regular subscription, and there is a massive amount of stuff out there.

So, every day at lunch, I get to watch an episode of 30 Rock, a television show that I never watched (or watch, as in present tense, since I assume it is still going on) on television.

No commercials. 21 minutes of funny. And, though I can't believe I'm saying this, Alec Baldwin rocks this show. He is one of those actors that I normally cannot stand, because I am so anti everything he stands for on a personal level. I think that is why I never watched the show. But I decided to try it on a whim, after checking my account and queue one day after lunch. Now it's become my own secret vice. Eat a quick lunch. Watch an episode.

My family, when they are around, thinks I've lost my mind. I sit at the table at my computer and laugh all by myself.

How can you not, when one of the characters, says something like this:

"I'm gonna give you some advice. Live every it's SHARK WEEK!"

OK, so maybe you had to be there. But it made me laugh out loud.

And that's good for the heart.


I haven't been able to get the "watch it now" stuff to work - especially since we have a lot of Macs and they're left out of the Netflix loop.

But I sure have had a blast since I ordered last season's 30 Rock on I'm sort of hooked on watching it on Thursday nights. That and The Office. Gotta love Thursday night!



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